Füssen, a Romantic City

If someone asked me about the most beautiful place in Germany, I would say: all of the city along romantic route! This place is the quintessence of Germany, where you can find a real Germany culture such as the typical Germany architecture, etc. Enough said, to whoever devised this romantic route, I 100% agree with you, this is the most fairytale-ish and romantic city in Germany <3
Anyway, I went to one of the city in romantic route, it's called Füssen. I hope you'll enjoy this post! ;)

Schloss Neuschwanstein

In case you don't know about this castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein is the castle that inspired Walt Disney to create Magic Kingdom. Last March, I visited this castle with my family. It's located in Schwangau, a little city in southern Germany. Long story short, I love this castle, I love the fairytale atmosphere of this city, but unfortunately... first, it was raining and cloudy, you can see my photos they're gloomy :( second, it's not allowed to take a photo inside the castle. But it's still interesting though :D Well, enjoy my photo diary!


Hi, everyone! Yesterday I went to LUSH at 25 Rue des Halles, Tours (anyway, I just knew that there is LUSH here in Tours). LUSH France have a different name of the products, so I got a little bit confused. I was looking for their Cupcake mask, and in LUSH France the name is Sauve Qui Peau :0 But the good thing is the girl who guided me in the store was very helpful and she tried so hard to speak English :D P.S: I took the photos with my phone, so sorry if they're not good ;)

Cherry Blossom Hunting in Paris

Bonjour tout le monde! It's still about last week's trip with my friend, Helen. And it's still spring! We can see flowers everywhere, I think this is absolutely the nicest time to see Paris. What is more beautiful than having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree with Eiffel Tour as the view? Okay, we didn't have a picnic nor hanami though :p But yes, we had a good time there. We took a walk from the Indonesian Embassy to Eiffel (I'm so glad that our embassy is near Eiffel :p), then we did the cherry blossom hunting! 

Best Chinese Restaurant in Paris

I and Helen have planned on going to this Chinese restaurant in Paris since a long time ago. She said this restaurant has a very good szechuan chicken, and the most important is: it's hot and spicy!!! So, I became curious about this restaurant, and I also craved for an Asian food. It's located near Hôtel de Ville at Rue de Rivoli, but unfortunately I forgot the name of the restaurant :(

Pempek KBRI Paris

I've been craving for pempek since a long time ago. Yes, I'm a big fan of it. It's a kind of fishcake served with noodle in a sweet vinegar sauce. The only place I know to eat pempek in Paris is the canteen of Indonesian Embassy. So at that time, I went to Indonesian Embassy was only for the sake of pempek! :P When I arrived at the canteen, it's only one pempek left *gasped* I grabbed it fast then kept it in my bag to be carried to Tours. Et voilà! The photos of pempek on the next day. I took a photo of it because I think it's a precious thing to eat pempek in France, lol :P

Paris Spring Haul

Bonjour tout le monde! Yesterday I went to Paris with my friend, Helen. I asked her to accompany me hunting a cherry blossom tree around Eiffel. We met at Gare d'Austerlitz in the morning and she said that she didn't feel comfortable in her shoes she was wearing at that time. And guess what, we ended up in Forever 21 at Rue de Rivoli to buy a flat shoes for her, right after the store was just opened at 9 am :p At first we said, "Be focussed! Don't buy anything but flat shoes. We don't have enough time." But it was failed...we found a lot of cute things and we couldn't help ourself. There are a lot of clothes for spring and summer, I was so excited to see colors again <3

My Spring Favorite: AriZona Tea

Trip to Venezia: Sunny Day!

Buongiorno! Yes, it's still about Italy. In this post I want to show you the photos I took when I was in Venezia last week with my family. That was my second time to be there, but I think I will never get bored with this beautiful city. It consists of many small islands connected by bridges. There were so many narrow streets and canals, we rode the gondola to explore its canals. It was a sunny day so we ate a lot of Italian ice creams called gelato, incredibly yummy :9 I love the things they sell in the souvenir shop as well, so I bought the Venetian masks.

Orléans Makeup Haul

Bonjour tout le monde! Yesterday I went to Orléans to do my OFII, it's an administrative thing to prove that you legally live in France. So finally I'm legal to live here after 8 months! I did my OFII in Orléans, it's a capital city of Centre-Val de Loire Region. I thought it's a very big  city that I could find a makeup brand that I couldn't find it here in Tours. But I was wrong, it's the same with Tours. There're Sephora, KIKO Milano, Réserve Naturelle, etc. In Tours, I was never interested with KIKO and Réserve Naturelle, but in Orléans I don't know I ended up buying things in those boutique :)

Trip to Burano: Colorful Little Island

Buongiorno! I just got back from my trip last week. I went to some countries in Europe: the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and of course France (yes, because I live there :p). It was a nice trip, there was a snow in München but I got a lot of sun shine in Venezia. I was so excited when I arrived in Italy, it's 17 Celsius! Finally I can wear a normal clothes again, so bye-bye coat, I'm sick of you. In Italy, I went to Venezia and a little island near Venezia called Burano. Burano used to be in my travel bucket list if you see my pinterest, I fell in love with this island since the first time I saw it in someone's instagram account. I really love its vibrant color and the doors. Yes, doors! And you know even hanging clothes in front of their house are beautiful as well.