Füssen, a Romantic City

If someone asked me about the most beautiful place in Germany, I would say: all of the city along romantic route! This place is the quintessence of Germany, where you can find a real Germany culture such as the typical Germany architecture, etc. Enough said, to whoever devised this romantic route, I 100% agree with you, this is the most fairytale-ish and romantic city in Germany <3
Anyway, I went to one of the city in romantic route, it's called Füssen. I hope you'll enjoy this post! ;)

If you stroll around Füssen, you will feel that 'fairytale atmosphere'. It's quiet, not so touristy, perfect for someone who want to get away from the crowd. I love to see The Alps behind the houses (especially when it's covered with snow!), the façade of the building, the font they used for the signage, I even love the doors! Can we say this is a city with a lot of 'door porns'? I mean, the more you see a beautiful door, the more it will urge you to explore the city.


  1. OMG they're all so prettyyyy!!

  2. keren bgt si ayaaa, duh wrn bangunannya pastel, bikin adem <3

    1. Cupaaal makasih yah :D Itu bangunannya yang emang bagus >.< hehehe