My Spring Favorite: AriZona Tea

Bonjour tout le monde! Finally winter is over, I'm happy but sad as well. Happy because finally I can see flowers and sun again, but sad because it was my very first and might be the last winter in my life. Insha Allah I will get back to Indonesia on the next July, so I was like 'I have to enjoy the cold weather here before get back to the very hot tropical country!!!' But even here is hot as well now, it's around 23 degree Celcius in Tours. So I stopped my winter routine: drink hot tea or hot chocolate, and start to like a new kind of drink: AriZona tea! At first I saw it in @camillegrandxo's instagram, then I saw it in my friend's instagram (she lives in France as well), the bottle is very cute.
The next day I looked for it in my local Carrefour City, and finally I found it <3 It's not more than 1.5 for each bottle. I bought only two kinds of the tea: the original green tea with honey and iced tea with peach flavour. There're another flavours though, but I was in hurry and I don't want to bring that many bottles with me. The taste? For us Asian, we can find a lot of these kinds of ready-to-drink-tea in our country, so I would say that the taste is so-so. Oh I heard we can get this AriZona tea in Singapore as well, but you know I think it must be overpriced there because it's imported. But the good thing is that it does't use an artificial flavour and sweetener. Overall, I like this tea, and I think I will try another flavour :)
Did you ever try this tea? Or is there another good ready-to-drink-tea that you like? Comment me! :3


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