Birthday Lunch @Altitude

December has always been my favourite month, one of the reason is because it's my birthday month. Another reason is because December is a month full of lights, it feels magical... So, on the very last day of 2015 (that's my birthday), my husband took me to a very special place called Altitude, for us to have a lunch. It's located on the 46th floor of The Plaza Office Tower, so we have a view of Jakarta from the windows. I really like this place, not only the view was good, but also they have an excellent service.

Trip to Marrakech: Zagora Desert

We arrived at Zagora Desert just the time before sunset. The wind blew very hard so we had to cover our face with a scarf and eyes with a sun-glasses. We rode a camel to our desert camp, it took an hour to get there. At the first time it was exciting to ride a camel, we took a lot of photos and snapchats, but then it became tiring :(