Trip to Marrakech: Zagora Desert

We arrived at Zagora Desert just the time before sunset. The wind blew very hard so we had to cover our face with a scarf and eyes with a sun-glasses. We rode a camel to our desert camp, it took an hour to get there. At the first time it was exciting to ride a camel, we took a lot of photos and snapchats, but then it became tiring :(

Our guide is an Arab-Berber, he can speak English, French, Arab, and Spanish! English because it's an international language, French and Arab because it's a common language in Morocco, and Spanish because some of Spain area is in Morocco! :O
We had a dinner in a 'dining tent', we ate couscous and tajine (I thought we always ate them everyday in Morocco, like...everyday). After dinner, we went outside the tent and sat around a campfire and talked about everything. And we talked about language since we (our group) spoke a different languages. Such a serious topic to be talked in a desert camp, huh? :P

In the next morning, we had a bread with Moroccan honey as a breakfast. Oh, and the mint tea of course! The sun shone so bright made it a best time to take a photo or two (hundred). Unfortunately we had to leave the desert in the morning, because it took a long time to go back to Marrakech :(
Well, this is the end of 'Trip to Marrakech' posts. As I love the photos I took in the Zagora Desert so much, I dedicate this post to end 'Trip to Marrakech' posts. It's such a wonderful experience for me to have a chance to visit Marrakech and the desert. There were some inconvenient things in my trip though, but overall it was an unforgettable memory.

P.S.: for those who are curious about how much and how to get there or any other questions about the trip, feel free to leave me a comment. I won't explain it in my post since I don't like my post seems too formal :D

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