New Year Eve @Pullman Jakarta

Omg it's already April and I forget to publish this new year eve post!!! Okay, first thing first, I want to announce something: I'm pregnant :') Maybe it's the hormone who did turn me into such a procrastinator :P But I promise, after this, I will update this blog at least every week.
Back to my last new year eve! So, at that night I stayed at Pullman Jakarta because we can see fireworks around Bundaran HI from there. Before the fireworks, we had a dinner at the hotel's restaurant, it's an 'all you can eat' kind of dinner. I ate a lot of sashimi since at that time I didn't know that I was pregnant (I should've not ate any of raw food).
After dinner, I was so full and sleepy, it was about 10 pm. Then we went to our room to wait the new year eve, laid on the bed for an hour or two, and...we fell asleep and missed the new year eve!!! Lol.

This was our room, my makeup and skincare, and truffle fries I ordered in in-room-dining menu. If someone ask me to choose between all you can eat dinner at the restaurant and in-room-dining, I choose the in-room-dining one! The truffle fries was so...indescribable!!! Omg I want to come back and stay at Pullman just to eat their truffle fries! Anyone knows another awesome truffle fries in Jakarta please let me know and comment down below! *craving pregnant woman is begging*

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