Bonjour, tout le monde! Bienvenue à Unspoken Thoughts :)

My name is Suraya Adnan, but everyone like to call me Aya. I am Indonesian and I currently live in France to do my master degree in urban and regional planning.

Actually I started writing on this blog since 2011, at that time I was very interested in writing about my personal life, so it's more like a diary. That's why I named this blog 'Unspoken Thoughts', because this used to be a place for me to share something that I can't barely say (I'm an introvert kind of girl, you know).

As time goes by, I decided to write something that I like, such as traveling, beauty, and food that might be useful for you. Then I re-designed my blog, wrote bilingual postings, and took a good photos with a proper camera (I used to put a photo on my blog which taken with my iPhone, it's not that bad though). And, voilà! This is my brand new blog, I hope you will enjoy visiting this blog :)