Who did design your blog?
I did all the designs such as the blog header, my name sign in the end of this page, etc. For the template, I got it from etsy.com, then I customized the appearance by changing the html and javascript. Before designing this blog, I knew nothing about programming. Then I learnt the programming tutorial from internet. And now I still can't believe that I did it! So...nothing is impossible ;)

Are you studying design or something?
No, I am studying urban and regional planning. But you still can call me a designer, urban designer to be exact :P

What camera do you use?
Lately I use Fujifilm X-A1 with its default lens, but for the older posts (before November 2014) I used either my Sony alpha 200 or iPhone 4s. That's for the blog, for instagram I use either my Fujifilm X-A1 or iPhone 6.

How did you edit your photo?
Okay, honestly I didn't edit the photos using Photoshop or another professional photo editor. My laptop is a very  old macbook which will take a loooong time to open Photoshop, I can't imagine how long it will take to edit those many photos on this blog. I edited the photo using VSCO Cam, the instant photo editor on my phone. Keep it simple, right? :3 I always do a minor editing such as brightness and contrast, and sometimes I put a special filter.

Do you travel around the world?
I wish I can :) Luckily I got a chance to pursue my graduate study in France for one year. As long as I can, I want to explore Europe, the most beautiful continent in the world, during my stay.

What is traveling for you?
For me, traveling is a way to refresh my mind if I'm sick of my routine life (re: studying). It can be going somewhere far, or it can be just stroll around the city with my camera. Traveling is the best teacher, it's the door to everything! You can understand architecture, culture, politics, etc better just by getting in a new place. If I have children someday, I will definitely take them to museum or heritage site.

What kind of traveler are you?
There are two kinds of traveler, the backpacker one and the tourist one. I can be both :D If you say that I'm a backpacker, I'm not that backpacker who avoid the touristy area though, I still want to take a photo at the landmark of the place I visit. And if you say that I'm a tourist, I think I'm not too 'touristy'. If I have more time to visit some place, I want to know how it feels to be the local and enjoy the everyday life.

So, are you a travel blogger?
I think I'm not :/ Because I just share my traveling photos, I don't write the story about it. And then I do write something about beauty and food, so this blog is not only about traveling.

Can I ask you something about traveling, beauty, and food?
Of course you can! I'm happy to share it with you :) You can ask me via comment in every posts or email :)



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